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Ph.D., Musicology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007

M.A., Musicology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001

B.A., Music, magna cum laude, Bemidji State University, 1998



2014-present, Lead Engineer (2021-present), Senior Developer (2014-2021), Lullabot

2022-present, Yoga Teacher, The Marsh (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

2021-present, Yoga Teacher, Minnesota Arboretum

2020-present, Yoga Teacher, Spirit of the Lake Yoga (Excelsior, Minnesota)

2022, Yoga Teacher, Minnetonka Community Education (Minnesota)

2009, Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology, University of Iowa (Iowa City)

2006-2014, Web Developer, Wisconsin Public Radio (Madison and Minneapolis)

1999-2006, Sea Grant Project Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2003, Event Coordinator, AIDS Network (Madison)

1999, Office Manager, Madeline Island Music Camp (Minneapolis)

1998, Artistic Planning Intern, Minnesota Orchestra (Minneapolis)

1998, Substitute Music Instructor, Aspen Country Day School (Aspen, Colorado)

1997-1998, Teaching Associate, History and Literature of Music, Bemidji State University (Minnesota)



2023-present, Member, Community Health Team, Drupal Community Working Group

2022-present, organizer, Mental Health Working Group, Lullabot

2020-present, Host, Pretty Good Meditation (podcast)

2022-2024, Board Member, Board Chair (2023-2024),

2013-2023, Maintainer, Drupal Configuration API

2019-2022, Drupal core initiative coordinator, Olivero

2017-2022, Facilitator, Prison Meditation Group, Minnesota Department of Corrections

2022, Co-organizer, Burnout and Mental Health in Open Source, GitHub’s Maintainer Month

2016-2022, Host, Hacking Culture (podcast)

2021, Yoga Teacher, DrupalCon North America

2020-2021, Organizer, Spirit of the Lake Community Discussions & Book Club

2020, Volunteer, 86th Annual Meeting, American Musicological Society (AMS)

2019, Program Committee Member, International Conference on Live Coding (Madrid, Spain)

2014-2016, Instructor, Minnewashta Elementary Coding Club (Shorewood, Minnesota)

2014, Mentor, Tonka Coder Dojo (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

2014, Member, Tonka <Codes> Design Team (Minnetonka School District, Minnesota)

2013, Instructor, Drupal Developers Unite! Inaugural Pub Media Drupal Developer’s Clinic, Integrated Media Association Conference (Austin, Texas), March 6

2011-2019, Organizer, Twin Cities Drupal Camp (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

2004-2006, Member, State of Wisconsin HIV Prevention Community Planning Council

2004, Producer, Positive Music: an AIDS Benefit Concert (Madison)

2002, Founder & Coordinator, Wisconsin AIDS Ride (formerly AIDS Network Cycles Together)

1993, Eagle Scout



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