Free Yoga at the Chanhassen Farmers' Market on Saturday

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I am teaching free yoga classes at the Chanhassen Farmers' Market on Saturday, Sept. 3 and Saturday, Sept. 17. Sign up here brings yoga to communities with limited access to its healing. We want to make yoga available to all people. We don't have a physical space. Instead, we go to places that need yoga. For example, our Yoga in Schools program brings yoga instructors into local schools.

These programs need yoga mats, stereo systems, specialty equipment, and certified yoga teachers. We also need to let communities know that these programs are available. We offer free yoga classes in our local communities to support both of these goals.

For instance, we offer free meditation and yoga classes at local farmers' markets in Chanhassen, Golden Valley, and elsewhere. We offer these classes free of charge in the spirit of generosity. People who feel called to support can donate on our website.

I will be teaching meditation and yoga in Chanhassen this Saturday and again in two weeks. You are welcome to stop by for yoga or to say "Hi" at our booth. I hope to see you there!